Announcement: Palm Beach Steel Drums and Pans – Featuring the Only-One-Of-Its-Kind 46″ Pan


Palm Beach Steel Drums offers an unheard-of 46

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World’s Largest Steel Drum

Reel Ting rolled out its version of the “Terminator” a massive 46” Steel Drum that can be heard the County! This impressive musical instrument has been submitted to the Guinness Book of World records as the World Largest Steel Drum.

George Pollis, Owner of Palm Beach Pans & Manufacturing (Steel Drum Musician) states, “This is the Wave of the Future in Steel Drum Instrumentation, these Giant Pans produce the best tones in the industry that you can listen to all night long!

Master Pan Builder Eric Ness, from Palm Beach Pans States, “when we first rolled out our 43” Steel Drum in 2010 we thought that it was the best sound that we could get out of the a Steel Drum, We never believed that we could create something this massive@ 46” diameter and nicknamed it the “Terminator “could be better than the 43” and we did!  This is the Best sounding Steel Drum in the World as well as being the largest. As I was tuning this Pan, I knew we had something special, the tone, residence and the brightness were all incredible.

I have been building Steel Drums since the 1980” and with George’s knowledge and engineering skills we finally finished the project. This Drum really looks Cool when you play it, everyone seems to be mesmerized by it roaring sound. It especially gets attention when you strap it to the top of our Tour Bus as your heading down to Key West for a Gig!

Next on the Production line is our:

26” Lead C Tenor Pan

36” Lead Low C Tenor Pan

They will be available for fall delivery 2013

Pricing for the Solid Hoops Pans Start at $2,995.00

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